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Ruth Croft : Tarawera Ultra Marathon 2021 Race Day

Impressive Ruth Croft at Tarawera Ultramarathon!

This weekend took place the 13th edition of Tarawera Ultramarathon in New Zealand, second race of the 2021 circuit of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour. This year, only residents were able to participate in the race due to the restrictions put in place because of the sanitary context. Despite this, some international runners already living in New Zealand were able to be on the start line. Thus, 20 nationalities were present in Rotorua in a beautiful atmosphere. A total of 709 athletes registered to take the start of this magnificent 102 km race at 7am.

At the front of the race, not only did  Ruth Croft finished first in the women’s ranking, but she also made history by becoming the first female athlete to win the race. Cherry on the cake, the New Zealander broke the record set by former Ultra-Trail® World Tour champion Courtney Dauwalter (9:28)! She finished in first place in 9:21:03, 18 minutes ahead of second-placed Rhys Johnston. Konoka Azumi finished second in the women’s ranking, followed by Sue Crowley. In total, 37% of racers were women!

On the men’s side, it was Rhys Johnston who won his first 100 km race in 9:39:29! Chris Sanson finished third overall and second on the men’s podium, followed closely by Simon Cochrane. Of the all the men entered in the race, half of them crossed the finish line!

Finally, what we also love about these great races is the great stories that go with them. This weekend at Tarawera Ultramarathon, it is Rob Hammington who impressed us. At 75 years old, he crossed the finish line in 28 hours and 35 minutes. 

Women’s Podium
1st – Ruth Croft – 9:21:03
2nd – Konoka Azuma – 10:12:03
3rd – Sue Crowley – 10:56:28 
Men’s Podium
1st – Rhys Johnson – 9:39:29
2nd – Chris Sanson – 9:42:46
3rd – Simon Cochrane – 9:45:06



As we announced during the presentation of the 2021 circuit of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour, the Vibram Hong Kong 100 could not take place under normal conditions this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The current context is forcing the races to reinvent themselves (border restrictions, limiting the number of racers, etc.). But this creates new possibilities and opportunities. The organizers of the Vibram Hong Kong 100 therefore proposed a format that is totally new in the history of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour circuit: a virtual race!

This meant that everyone could participate in the race, no matter where you were running. But beware, only people running in one go and on the real race course in Hong Kong could enter the overall ranking of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour. 99% of the participants crossed the virtual finish line. And 25% of them were women.

You also had the opportunity to participate at your own pace in the Hong Kong 100 on the digital platform of the UTWT Virtual Club. As a reminder, many challenges await you again this year on the platform. Click here and don’t miss any challenge!

HK100 Flex Race Leaders – 103km


1 – Wai Yin CHIU

2 – Tsz Man CHUNG

3 – Shi Qiong LIANG


1 – Ho Chung WONG

2 – Guillaume PERROT

3 – Chi Shing YEUNG



Scheduled for April, Madeira Island Ultra-Trail was forced to postpone its race to November 20, 2021. The race will therefore be at the end of the season before the last race at Ultra-Trail Cape Town. Same thing for 100 Miles of Istria which announced the postponement of its race to September 9-12, 2021.

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