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Salomon Cappadocia Ultra-Trail®

Salomon Cappadocia Ultra-Trail®

Urgup, Turkey

16-17 October, 2021

AM Start

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An unforgettable trail running experience where dreams blend with reality in heavenly lands. Fairy chimneys, rock churches and the patterns of the colorful frescos covering underground cities inspired the design and the idea of running in this unique region and made this race possible. With its magical nature situated between reality and dream, the synthesis of the cultural heritage with ancient civilizations, this is definitely one of the most spectacular sporting events of Cappadocia.
Situated in the valleys of Cappadocia region listed as one of the Unesco World Heritage sites, The Salomon® Cappadocia Ultra Trail is a trail running event featuring 119 km and 3,730 m elevation gain.
Participants will take the start at 07:00 in the city center of Urgup,and will need to carry the equipment helping them to run safely under all weather conditions according to the semi-self-sufficiency rule and they have to finish the race in 24 hours.

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