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In addition to the competitive component, the circuit works more than ever in favor of the planet through concrete actions carried out with the various stakeholders of its ecosystem.

In 2021, UTWT wishes to continue to promote the practice of trail running and the preservation of the environment. Run and challenge yourself yes, but don’t forget to commit to a sustainable future.

To implement To support this initiative, 3 forums will be organized throughout the year. These workshops including races, athletes, partners but also experts will provide answers and concrete tools for organizers to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

3 Forums

Trail running is developing all over the world with many events organized in exceptional areas, in the most beautiful parks and mountain ranges that the planet has to offer. This is part of the ingredients that make this sport an exceptional discipline, an authentic practice close to nature, more and more attractive to thousands of runners around the world.

With Trail with purpose, UTWT wants to show that it is possible to find a balance between human activities and the respect of biodiversity, but also that trail running is a great way to raise awareness of environmental preservation and initiate change. This year, even more so, UTWT support local initiatives and assists organizers in their eco-responsible approach.

First Forum - May

Trail running events anchored in territory 

Trail running events anchored in th event  

How to develop an economy compatible with the environment around a trail running event.. 

Second Forum - June

Water as an essential and precious resource

The macro-economic vision and water management during anevent.

Third Forum - August

The territory

Minimize the impact of the event on the environment and strengthen relations with local stakeholders

The Ultra-Trail® World Tour is proud to announce Volvic as a committed partner of Trail with Purpose and looks forward to working together in 2021 and beginning to pave the way for a more environmentally friendly future in the world of trail-running.


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